5 Best Diaper Rash Cream for Cloth Diapers

best diaper rash cream for cloth diapers

Best Diaper Rash Cream for Cloth Diapers: Diaper rash is never fun for anyone you or your baby but if you are cloth diapering and you need to use diaper rash cream which one is good and will not harm your cloth diapers?

Best Diaper Rash Cream for Cloth Diapers (Grandma El's)
Our Pick

Our top pick is the Grandma El's diaper rash ointment. This diaper rash cream is not only free from nearly all major harmful allergens but it is also great with most cloth diapers. This is pediatrician recommended for mild to severe diaper rash and starts working immediately!

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Traditional diaper rash creams are not best when cloth diapering because they contain ingredients (such as petroleum products, calamine, cod liver oil) that clog the fibers of the cloth diapers causing them not to absorb properly.

Diaper rash creams that are safe for cloth diapers will usually rinse out of the fibers under normal washing conditions as they do not contain these harmful ingredients.

Types of Diaper Rash Products

  • Creams: These are water based so they are easy for the skin to absorb and to spread. Creams work best to soothe irritated skin.
  • Ointments: These are oil-based products and they can be oily or greasy. They help to provide a good barrier against irritants by sitting on top of the child’s skin.
  • Pastes: Pastes are usually very thick and they help to protect the baby’s skin. Typically, they contain skin conditioners and zinc oxide.

What to Look in Diaper Rash Cream for Cloth Diapers?

You should consider the following when buying a diaper rash cream for cloth diapers.

A) Consistency

consistencyChoose a cream with a thick and rich consistency. It should be easy to spread over your baby’s skin so it forms a layer which acts as the barrier between the baby and the diaper.

A thicker and creamy consistency will ensure the cream doesn’t rub off easily onto the diaper every time you change the baby’s diaper.

When purchasing the diaper creams, you should also invest into the best spatula or applicator for diaper cream for hygiene reasons.

B) Safe Ingredients

safe ingredientsMost diaper rash creams contain zinc oxide which acts as a barrier between the child’s skin and the irritant. It also protects against minor skin abrasions and irritations. You should go for those with moderate concentrations of around 15%. Other safe ingredients you should look out for are calendula, chamomile oil, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and almond oil.

Some harmful chemicals you should avoid include paraben, fragrances, sodium borate, talc, BHA (Butylated hydroxyanisole), and phenoxyethanol.

C) Water Repellent

water repellentWhen there is a waterproof barrier between your baby’s skin and the diaper it ensures they have fewer skin rashes and other skin problems.

The best diaper rash cream for cloth diapers should be able to repel water to protect your baby’s skin against dampness.

D) Approved by Dermatologist and Pediatricians

dermatologist approvedChoose a product that has been tested and approved by pediatricians and dermatologists.

This will ensure you are not using a diaper rash cream that can be harmful to you and your children.

E) Provides a Cooling Sensation

cooling sensationThe itching and discomfort caused by rash can be very troublesome for a child so it is important to choose a diaper rash cream that can provide immediate relief from this discomfort.

F) Cream, Ointment, or Paste

ointmentAn ointment is when ideal if you want to use it as a preventive measure. Creams can soothe the skin if you are healing an existing rash.

An ultra thick paste can both heal and protect your baby’s skin if they have a severe rash.

F) Packaging and Price

packging and pricingIt is always great to have an easy-to-use pack especially when you have to pin a baby down to apply the cream. Diaper rash cream with flip top caps are common but you can always go for those in jars. It may tempt you to buy a high-priced product but it is important you consider your baby’s needs before settling with one.

Choose a product that works not only well, but it is also priced reasonably.

Top 5 Best Diaper Cream for Diaper Rash

1. Burt’s Bees Baby Diaper Rash Ointment

Burt's Bees Baby Diaper Rash Cream, 40% Zinc Oxide Calms & Soothes Skin for Fast Relief, Eczema Safe Balm, 100% Natural Origin Plant Based Formula, Pediatrician Tested, Travel Size, 6 oz (3 oz 2-Pack) Burt’s bees have a reputation for making gentle and high-quality products and this is no different.

  • It is made with 100% natural ingredients making the cloth diaper safe.
  • This product helps to lock out any moisture that can irritate the baby’s skin.
  • Also, it has natural conditioners that help to nourish the baby’s skin.
  • It has been tested and approved by pediatrics so you can be assured it is gentle on the baby’s skin.
  • It has a pleasant scent that doesn’t reek of medicine.
  • 100% natural.
  • It conditions the skin and protects against barriers.
  • It is paraben-free.
  • It can be a struggle to squeeze out as it is a little thick.
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2. Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Ointment (Recommended)

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention Baby Ointment Jar, 3.75 oz. Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Ointment is a natural ointment that helps to create a breathable barrier that calms, soothes, and heals any rash on your baby’s skin.

  • Grandma El’s is a dermatologist and pediatrician approved product.
  • It is free of phthalates, paraben, insecticide, and lanolin, making it safe to use with every diaper change.
  • It has a nice, not overly powerful fruity smell.
  • This product helps the process as it promotes the growth of new skin collagen.
  • It soothes and softens the baby’s skin so your baby can have a comforting experience.
  • It works well with most cloth diapers and it does not stain them.
  • Not only does this product work well to clean up any diaper rash, but it also smells fabulous.
  • Soothing and non-messy.
  • It is made of natural and organic constituents.
  • It lasts for a long time as a little goes a long way.
  • None found.
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3. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste with Natural Aloe

Boudreaux's Butt Paste with Natural* Aloe Diaper Rash Cream, Ointment for Baby, 4 oz Tube This next best rash for cloth diapers contains no harmful ingredients, and it is free from dyes, petrolatum, paraben, and preservatives.

  • This is a diaper rash paste that has 16% zinc oxide, natural carnauba wax, natural aloe, and beeswax.
  • It has safe and effective ingredients that soothe on contact and provides instant protection for your baby.
  • This product is easy to spread on your baby’s bum. A pharmacist developed it and it is pediatrician approved.
  • It can also help to prevent diaper rash when you use it daily.
  • It is thick for maximum coverage.
  • It protects and treats diaper rash.
  • It is natural and free from common allergens.
  • Pricey for some parents.
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4. Cetaphil with Organic Calendula

Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula, Vitamin B5 and E , 2.5 Ounce Cetaphil with Organic Calendula cream is specially designed for sensitive skin and dermatologists formulated it.

  • The zinc oxide in this product helps the baby’s bum.
  • The calendula along with the Vitamins E and B5 helps to calm and soothe any discomfort your baby may have.
  • It contains no colors, paraben, or mineral oil.
  • This diaper rash cream is very creamy and easy to spread.
  • It is made with few ingredients so the chances it contains anything that can aggravate the baby’s skin are slim.
  • It offers good barrier protection.
  • It contains organic ingredients.
  • It soothes and heals if a rash develops.
  • It is not very thick.
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5. Weleda Diaper Cream with Calendula

Weleda Baby Calendula Diaper Cream, 2.8 Fluid Ounce, Plant Rich Protection with Calendula, Chamomile, Sweet Almond Oil, Lanolin and Zinc Oxide The last best rash cream for cloth diapers was developed with help from midwives and it is certified “natural” by NaTrue a European organization.

  • This product contains 12% zinc oxide alongside calendula extract and other natural ingredients that soothe the baby’s skin.
  • This diaper rash cream does not contain fragrances or synthetic preservatives.
  • The Weleda diaper cream has other ingredients that also help to nourish the baby’s skin as it heals.
  • It contains no synthetic preservatives.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is a 100% natural product.
  • It contains potential allergens.
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Best Diaper Rash Cream for Cloth Diapers
Our Pick

Our top recommendation for the best diaper rash cream for cloth diapers is the Grandma El's diaper rash ointment. This pediatrician recommended diaper rash cream begins working right away to prevent, protect, and heal mild to aggressive diaper rash!

Finding the right diaper rash cream for cloth diapers can be tricky; we hope that this article will guide you to make the right decision. Please share with us in the comments section your favorite brand.


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  1. Have you heard or done any research on the effects of zinc oxide on cloth diapers? I’ve heard that ointments with zinc oxide should only be used with natural fibers and not the stay dry kind.