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This site is dedicated to providing useful information about diapers and everything related to diapers. Find information on baby diapers, cloth diapers, disposable diapers and even adult diapers.  Discover the history and usage of diapers.  Commercial companies producing brands like Huggies or Pampers dominate the industry.  Here are some interesting facts about diapers:

  • Diapers are made out of disposable man-made materials, or of cloth.
  • The first mass-produced cloth diapers occurred in 1887. Maria Allen of the United States was the first to see the commercial potential in mass diaper production.
  • The first disposable diaper made its appearance in 1942 through the work of a Swedish paper company.
  • Today companies like Procter and Gamble with Pampers and Kimberly Clark with their Huggies products control the disposable diaper industry.
  • Diaper used to refer to the type of cloth used rather than the use itself. Cloth nappies which modern diapers are named for were a type of geometric shaped soft tissue sheets. In North America diaper has taken over in usage, but in Britain and elsewhere, ‘nappy’ has prevailed.
  • Simply a diaper, or nappy, whether it is for adults, babies or even animals, is an absorbent garment meant to trap and keep bladder or bowel movements

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