Top 14 BEST Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks

Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks: Toilet papers are a great help inside the bathroom, especially if you don’t have tissues or wipes in your bag. Some toilets don’t have a trash can inside the cubicle – and with that being said, people are forced to flush it in the bowl.

Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks
Our Pick

The top-rated toilet paper when it comes to the best toilet paper for septic tanks is the WHOLEROLL toilet paper. Instead of using trees, these tissue papers use the virgin bamboo pulp that includes no chlorine. This is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, and dissolves fast so that your septic systems won't clog.

However, not all toilet papers are safe for the septic tanks or systems and not all who claims as septic-safe brands are considered as safe toilet papers, that’s why there is a thing called septic-safe toilet paper.

What to look for in toilet paper?

There are many toilet paper brands sold in the marketplace, and you might be confused about which is the best toilet paper brand or type you should go for. Here are the features of the toilet paper that you need to consider when buying the best toilet paper for septic systems:

  • Chlorine-free.
  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable toilet paper.
  • Softness.
  • Strength.
  • Absorbency.
  • FSC Certified.
  • Septic-safe.

What to avoid in toilet paper?

As what we have mentioned earlier, there are many brands of toilet papers, and you need to carefully choose one that is safe for your septic systems – just in case some of your visitors throw it out on the bowl accidentally or not. Here are the things to avoid in toilet paper:

  • Not absorbent.
  • Includes harmful chemicals.
  • Not chlorine-free.
  • Breaks easily.
  • Not eco-friendly.

Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks

Here are the top 14 best toilet paper brands which are safe for septic tanks in 2019:


Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper is a 3-ply toilet paper that’s flushable and a septic friendly toilet paper brand.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper, 24 Supreme Rolls, 24 = 99 Regular Rolls, 3 Ply Bath Tissue, 3 Packs of 8 Rolls

  • It is made of 3 silky, soft layers so you can pamper yourself in comfort.
  • This toilet paper features a luxurious embossed texture for ultimate comfort.
  • Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper is one of the most durable toilet papers in the market – even when wet.
  • This toilet paper from Quilted Northern delivers premium softness you desire.
  • It features 3x more absorbency and thickness than any other toilet paper brands.
  • 3-ply toilet paper.
  • Luxurious embossed texture.
  • Durable & flushable.
  • 3x more absorbent and thicker.
  • Does not breakdown easily.
  • Does not fit in a regular toilet paper roll dispenser.
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Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper breaks down four times faster than the leading bath tissue brand – meaning it is known as the fastest dissolving toilet paper for septic systems.

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, 48 Rolls, Bath Tissue ( 12 Packs of 4)

  • It is specially made for use in boats, buses, RVs, and other similar applications.
  • Scott toilet paper for septic tanks is always soft and absorbent, making it gentle to use on skin.
  • It is not only safe in septic systems but also in sewers.
  • Scott Rapid Dissolving toilet paper is certified by the FSC so you can be sure that the materials used are from responsibly & sustainably managed forests.
  • It features a rapid-dissolving system to ensure that it will break easily, dissolves fast, and won’t clog your septic system.
  • Breaks down 4x faster than other brands.
  • Soft & absorbent.
  • FSC Certified.
  • Features rapid-dissolving system.
  • Expensive for some.
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Angel Soft Toilet Paper Bath Tissue

Angel Soft toilet paper is a flushable type of toilet paper, making it safe not only for sewer systems but also for septic systems. Furthermore, it is believed as one of the best flushable toilet papers in the market and an excellent value toilet paper.

ANGEL SOFT Toilet Paper Bath Tissue, 36 Huge Rolls, 360+ 2-Ply Sheets Per Roll

  • It delivers strength and softness – and if you are looking for an affordable toilet paper cost, this is the ideal brand.
  • Each huge roll contains more than 360 2-ply sheets, and it is specially designed to fit in a standard bathroom toilet paper dispenser.
  • It is made from sustainably sourced trees, so it is not bad for the environment.
  • While this toilet paper can be dissolved easily when flushed, it is sturdy and durable enough to tear off in your hands.
  • It accumulated the certification by SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) to ensure that it is made from sustainable resources.
  • Strong & soft.
  • Made from sustainably sourced trees.
  • SFI Certified.
  • No additives.
  • Affordable.
  • Thinner than other toilet paper brands.
  • Cardboard holder is big.
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Amazon Brand – Presto Toilet Paper

Presto toilet paper is an amazon brand that offers premium softness, and it is a dissolvable toilet paper, making it a septic-approved toilet paper.

Amazon Brand - Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper, Ultra-Soft, 24 Count

  • It is made of sustainable resources, making it eco-friendly and won’t harm the environment.
  • Presto toilet paper guarantees to only leave less lint behind compared to other brands.
  • These toilet papers from Presto are not only soft but also plush and thick enough to not fall apart easily when you use it.
  • Presto toilet paper offers exceptional softness along with the strength you need.
  • It is certified by the PEFC and made with pulp sourced materials that are from managed & controlled forests.
  • Eco-friendly & budget-friendly.
  • Soft, plush, and thick.
  • PEFC Certified.
  • Leaves less lint behind.
  • Fits into a regular roll holder.
  • Not super soft as advertised.
  • Too thin and there is a huge possibility that it breaks easily while you are using it.
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Aria Premium Bath Tissue

Aria Premium Bath Tissue combines premium softness and quality with sustainable manufacturing, making it a septic tank-friendly toilet paper.

Aria Premium, Earth Friendly Toilet Paper, 12 Mega Rolls, 12 = 48 Regular Rolls, Eco Friendly Bath Tissue

  • This durable, thick, and soft 2-ply toilet paper gives back to the planet without needing to sacrifice comfort.
  • Angel Premium Bath Tissue is 50% thicker and 3x stringer when wet compared to other recycled brands.
  • Aside from it is made of responsibly sourced trees, Aria toiler paper is also made with 100% renewable power.
  • Aside from the toilet paper, the packaging is also made of plant-based materials – so this product will not warm the environment.
  • This toilet paper from Aria is certified by the SFI (Sustainable Forest Industry) for promoting better forest practices everywhere.
  • Made of plant-based materials.
  • Strong, soft, and absorbent.
  • 50% thicker & 3x stronger than other brands.
  • SFI Certified.
  • The packaging is also made of sustainable resources.
  • On the expensive side.
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White Cloud Toilet Paper

This White Cloud toilet paper offers cloud-like comfort that is also a septic system safe toilet paper.

White Cloud Strong & Soft 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 48 Mega Rolls (Pack of 4 with 12 Rolls Each), 308 Sheets Per Roll

  • It is hypoallergenic, and dermatologist approved, so it won’t irritate the most sensitive skin.
  • It features Cloud Cushion Technology that makes sure the premium softness you should feel when using it.
  • Aside from its premium softness, this toilet paper from White Cloud is also great when it comes to its absorbency and strength.
  • It is ranked #1 as the best 2-ply toilet paper by a leading consumer publication, so you can trust this brand.
  • This toilet paper is affordable than any other brands – so you can purchase this easily.
  • Cloud-like comfort.
  • Cloud Cushion Technology.
  • Absorbent & durable.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Affordable.
  • Thin sheets.
  • Not as durable as advertised.
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Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

These toilet papers from Seventh Generation are septic safe paper towels and compatible with low flow toilets in RVs and campers.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue, 100% Recycled Paper(Pack of 4, 12 rolls/Pack)

  • It is a 2-ply bathroom tissue that is specially designed for softness and strength.
  • It is made with 100%of recycled papers, and it does not include dyes, inks, chlorine, and fragrances.
  • This toilet paper from Seventh Generation is whitened without the use of chlorine.
  • Aside from the toilet paper itself, the packaging of this brand is also recyclable.
  • Seventh Generation Toilet Paper is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) as FSC recycled.
  • Soft, absorbent, and durable 2-ply toiler paper.
  • Made with 100% recycled papers.
  • No added dyes, inks, and fragrances.
  • Chlorine-free.
  • FSC Certified.
  • The packaging is also recyclable.
  • Quite expensive than other brands.
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Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

This septic-safe toilet tissue paper mega roll from Charmin is not only a safe toilet paper for your septic system but also comes with a soothing lotion that gently cleans the skin.

Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper, 36 Mega Rolls (Equal to 144 Regular Rolls)

  • It is tested by dermatologists to make sure that it will not irritate your skin when using it.
  • This 2-ply toilet paper from Charmin is approved by Roto-Rooter to ensure that it won’t clog through your septic systems.
  • It is the only toilet paper that features soothing lotion to get rid of wipe burn out.
  • Charmin Ultra Gentle toilet paper is soft but strong enough to get its job well done.
  • Among other brands of toilet paper in the market, Charmin Ultra Gentle toilet paper is bit pricey and hard to find in stores but worth every penny.
  • Soft yet strong enough.
  • Includes soothing lotion.
  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Roto-Rooter approved.
  • Hard to find.
  • Quite expensive.
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Firebelly Outfitters Toilet Paper

This quick dissolve toilet paper is specially designed to dissolve faster and more completely than any other brands of toilet paper in the market.

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper, Septic Tank Safe - 8 Rolls, 2-Ply 500 Sheets - Fast Dissolve Bath Tissue for Camping, Marine, RV Holding Tanks, Reduces Camper Sewer System Clogs, Biodegradable

  • This septic-safe toilet paper contains no parabens, fragrances, and dyes to make sure that it will not harm or irritate your skin.
  • It is 100% biodegradable, making it the best biodegradable toilet paper for sewer and septic systems.
  • This 2-ply toilet paper is soft and gentle yet durable enough to get done with its work.
  • It is purely whitened without the use of chlorine.
  • Firebelly Outfitters toilet paper is strong enough and will not tear apart in your hands while using it.
  • No parabens, fragrances, and dyes.
  • Dissolves faster than other brands.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Soft & gentle.
  • Chlorine-free.
  • Thinner than other RV toilet papers.
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Amazon Brand – Solimo Toilet Paper

Solimo toilet paper is an amazon Brand that is specially designed to not clog into septic and sewer systems.

Amazon Brand - Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 350 Sheets per Roll, 30 Count

  • It is made with pulp from sustainably sourced trees.
  • It is a 2-ply paper that features gently wrinkled texture for extra absorption.
  • This comes in a roll type, so it is handy, and you can bring it with you especially when you travel.
  • This eco-friendly toilet paper is not only good for septic & sewer systems but also to the environment.
  • With this toilet paper, you can save up money without sacrificing the quality you can get.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Absorbent, strong, and soft.
  • Affordable.
  • Only available online.
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Amazon Commercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper

Amazon Commercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper is an amazon brand that is carefully made so that your septic systems and sewer lines won’t clog.

AmazonCommercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper, 400 Sheets per Roll, 80 Rolls

  • This toilet paper comes in a 2-ply sheet that is durable enough to get its job done.
  • It comes in a roll type and is compatible with standard dispensers.
  • Amazon Commercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper is also ideal for high-traffic commercial buildings.
  • This is soft, gentle, and comfortable to use, ensuring that it won’t harm your skin.
  • With this Amazon brand toilet paper, you can save up money as it is very affordable compared to other brands in the market.
  • Soft, gentle, and comfortable to use.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Compatible with standard dispensers.
  • Available only online.
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Silk ‘n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

Though this toilet paper from Silk ‘n Soft is an organic toilet paper that comes in a 3-ply sheet, it dissolves faster – making it great for septic systems.

'Silk'n Soft' Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper - Tree-Free Environment Safe Biodegradable Septic-Safe Strong Dependable Panda Friendly Absorbent Bathroom Tissue 3-Ply Chlorine Free (8 Pack of 12 Rolls)

  • This tree-free toilet paper works well with all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.
  • It is gentle and soft on the skin, making sure that you will not develop some skin discomforts.
  • This toilet paper is wholly whitened without any chlorine used.
  • Silk ‘n Soft toilet papers are made in a renewable power facility.
  • It is made of 60% bamboo, specifically from sugar cane – and it is soft yet sturdy.
  • Made of 60% bamboo.
  • Made in a renewable power facility.
  • Great for all skin types even with sensitive skin.
  • Soft yet sturdy.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Bit pricey for some.
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Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper

This septic-safe, unbleached toilet paper is ideal to use for low-flow toilets in campers and RVs.

Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue, 100% Recycled Paper, 4 Count (Pack of 12)

  • It comes in a 2-ply sheet that is soft and strong for a comfortable clean.
  • This toilet paper is made with 100% unbleached recycled paper, making it safe for the environment.
  • When making this toilet paper, the Seventh Generation company does not include and use dyes and fragrances.
  • With this toilet paper from Seventh Generation, your skin will not be irritated as it is hypoallergenic and can be used for the sensitive skin.
  • With Seventh Generation Unbleached toilet paper, you are not just saving trees but also energy and water consumption.
  • Unbleached.
  • Soft & strong.
  • Dye-free & fragrance-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Leaves bits when used.
  • Quite expensive for the quality you can get.
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WHOLEROLL Toilet Paper

This eco-friendly toilet paper is not only safe for the environment but also to the septic tank systems.

WHOLEROLL Organic Big Bulk Bamboo Toilet Paper, Tree Free Bath Tissue, 72 Big Roll Count, 72 = 216 Regular Rolls, Hypoallergenic, 4 Pack of 18 Rolls, Strong Long Lasting

  • This toilet paper includes no chemical and works well, even with the most sensitive skin.
  • It is free of BPA, lint, and allergen – so you will be sure that it won’t harm your skin.
  • WHOLEROLL toilet paper offers premium softness, absorbency, and comfort.
  • This biodegradable toilet paper is made from virgin bamboo pulp that includes zero chlorine bleach.
  • It is nature-friendly, made strong and sturdy yet soft with 2-ply thickness.
  • Eco-friendly & chlorine-free.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Strong, soft, and absorbent.
  • BPA-free, lint-free, and allergen-free.
  • FSC Certified.
  • Bit expensive.
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Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks
Our Pick

Looking at all the brands of toilet papers listed above, our best pick when it comes to the best dissolving toilet paper is the WHOLE ROLL toilet paper. Aside from being 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, WHOLEROLL toilet paper dissolves faster than any other brands, making it safe for septic tank systems.

Clogging septic systems means you need to pay for extra cash for treatments and procedures to make it work again like before. You cannot control the people who are using your bathroom, especially if you have a visitor.

A toilet paper is needed in the bathroom – and to avoid clogs, make sure only to place a toilet paper that is septic-safe. There are many brands of septic tank safe toilet paper in the market today, and to ensure that you are getting the reliable one, look for the FSC logo certification.

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