Adult Diapers – An Introduction

What are adult diapers?
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What’s the need for Adult Diapers?

According to official statistics on an average 8% of the population are suffering from incontinence. Incontinence refers to the condition of involuntary leakage of urine. Incontinence is common in both men and women, although it is considered more of a female problem.

It is true that women are more incontinent then men during their childbearing ages, but once men reach around 70 they are as incontinent as women. Unlike other deficiencies or illness incontinence not only causes physical stress but it also causes mental stress not being able to control the bladder and end up wetting the pants.

There are 2 types of incontinence, stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Stress incontinent people lose control of their bladder while coughing, sneezing or laughing. For urge incontinent people, they get the urge to urinate suddenly and it cannot be controlled by them.

What causes Incontinence?

In men enlarge prostate may be a cause. Our body is provided with two sphincters around the urethra to close the urethra and control urination. Dysfunctional sphincters may also contribute to incontinence. The contraction of the pelvic muscles is key to control the leak.

So it is important to maintain the elasticity and strength of these muscles. While there are medications available to treat urinary incontinence, wearing adult diapers is the easiest solution to this problem.

Adult diapers are very similar to the absorbent, padded, disposable cotton nappies worn by infants. And just like infant diapers, finding the perfect adult diaper also involves a lot of trial and errors. What’s perfect for one need not be perfect for another adult.

How to find the best adult diaper?

Test 3-4 brands before settling on one. Consider these points while deciding:

  • Are you comfortable wearing it? Even for longer period of time?
  • Does it make you itchy?
  • Is it absorbent enough?
  • Are you spending time changing the diaper often?
  • Does it fit properly within the dress you are wearing?
  • Does it give an unflattering bulge or lines in the pant?

These points will help you identify the correct and comfortable adult diapers. In the next article, we will discuss various adult diaper brands that are available in the market today and the best recommended adult diapers.

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  1. im servere incontinent and have been 4 yrs now and wear innco nappies on a 24/7 basis and not affraid too wear them every where i go too and if people r 2 shy too tell other people they have problems like i do they should talk 2 me too please as im never embarrassed as this is not my fault im like this ok people thanx 4 listerning too me

  2. Adult Diapers and Incontinence – An introduction…

    Excellent intro article on adult diapers and also describes the incontinence….