How To Use Pre-fold Cloth Diapers?

How to use prefold cloth diapers

Using cloth diapers that come with a pre-fold option can often be a bit confusing at the start. There are a variety of ways in which you can fold your cloth diapers to ensure that your child gets more protection and safety and remains protected.

For people who are using prefold cloth diapers for the first time, we suggest that you start tying them around a stuffed animal or toy to get the feel of the diaper before actually wrapping them around your baby’s legs. You should try all of the available methods and techniques until you find the solution and the method which is the most common. Before you attempt to put a prefold cloth diaper on your baby, it is recommended that you keep all necessary items close by.

These items include pins, any ointments, and powders that you wish to apply to the baby and the cloth diaper itself. There is a basic folding technique that many parents follow as it is extremely easy to tie around your waist.

It requires a flat surface, however, and many parents have suggested that the diaper should be folded differently depending on the sex of the young child.

For the boys, the diaper should be folded with the middle pad held in a vertical position and for the girls, it should be folded with the middle pad in a horizontal position. You should fold along the seams of either side.

The top corners of the cloth diaper should be slightly unfolded. They should look like the wings when they are unfolded. For people who wish to shorten the length of the cloth diaper, they can do so by folding the bottom part of the cloth diaper.

Prefold Cloth Diapers

People who use a stuffed animal for practicing can just hold the animal in an upright position and start tying the cloth diaper around its waist. It should be tied in such a way that the bottom part of the cloth diaper should cover the whole bottom of the stuffed animal.

If you are sure that the cloth diaper has been tied in an effective a manner as possible, removing all possibilities of leaks, you can then be assured of a successful tie-in of the cloth diaper.

It is also important to fasten both the sides of the cloth diaper to ensure a better fit. A waterproof cover might also be a possible add-on the cloth diaper to provide extra protection for your cloth diaper. For people using prefold cloth diapers for the first time, it is suggested that they practice thoroughly before tying them on your baby, as a baby does not remain as calm and still as a stuffed animal.

The practicing would open a lot of ways for you to try out new techniques to ensure that your baby remains as comfortable as ever.

Overall, it is not very hard to tie pre-fold cloth diapers and you can easily practice a few times before trying them out on your baby.

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