Top 10 BEST Floatation Device for Toddlers Learning to Swim

Best Floatation Device For Toddlers

Best Floatation Device For Toddlers: Swimming is considered as a form of exercise, and it can also be a way to bond with your kids. However, your kids, especially toddlers, do not know how to swim, and that’s when they need a floatation/flotation device that will help them float in the water and not drown.

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BEST Flotation Device For Toddlers (Girls)
Best Choice

Our top pick for the best floatation device for toddler girls learning to swim is My Pool Pal Girls' Floatation Swimwear. It enhances natural balance & stability, made of nylon & Lycra spandex blend, features pull-on closure, and comes with non-removable foam blocks.

BEST Flotation Device For Toddlers (Boys)
Best Choice

Our top recommendation for toddler boys is the ESA Supplies Floating Swimsuits. The high elastic polyester material in this swimsuit is very lightweight and comfortable. It also features back zipper and includes 8 removable foam sticks.

What is a Floatation Device?

A floatation device is used to keep your child safe in the middle of the water.

  • It will help them float while learning how to swim.
  • Each floatation device is specially designed to help kids enjoy the water and have fun even if they do not learn how to swim.

How does it help in swimming for toddlers?

Floatation devices are a massive help to all children as well as to parents.

  • These devices are not only used to keep your children safe from drowning into the water but also help them learn how to swim.
  • To efficiently learn how to swim, good quality of floatation device is essential because your children’s life will be at stake.

Are Floaties Safe for Toddlers?

The usual question that new parents ask is, ‘Are floaties safe for my toddler?’.

  • Though floaties are considered safe and a great protector from drowning in the water by most parents, it is not entirely safe to be used by kids, especially toddlers.
  • Most floaties are easy to remove, exposed to punctures, and floaties are not durable. So, floaties should be used as a training kit during the initial swimming learning phase, similar to how training wheels assist in riding the bicycle.

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Best Floatation Device for Toddlers

1. Zerlar Floatation Swimsuits

Zerlar Floatation Swimsuits are specially designed to help your baby learn how to swim well. These floatation swimsuits are suitable from 1 to 10 years of age.

Zerlar Kids Float Suit Girls Swim Vest Toddlers Floatation Swimsuits with Adjustable Buoyancy Baby Swimsuit Float with Arm Floaties - Learn to Swim for Children 1-10 Years

  • It has an excellent buoyancy that comes with 8 removable float sticks to help your kids gain more confidence while learning how to swim.
  • Due to its 2-way usage, it is not only used as a floatation device but also a bathing suit by removing all the float sticks once your child doesn’t need it anymore.
  • All floatation swimsuits from Zerlar are made of 100% polyester fiber that is smooth, soft, tensile strength, and high resilience.
  • It features super elasticity so that your little one is comfortable and free to move while wearing it.
  • Zerlar has a wide variety of color and printed options that are suitable for both girls and boys.
  • 8 removable float sticks.
  • 2-way usage – as a bathing suit and floatation device.
  • It is made of 100% polyester fiber that is elastic and breathable.
  • Several color options and prints to choose from.
  • It includes a gift bag.
  • Sizes run small.
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2. My Pool Pal Girls’ Floatation Swimwear

My Pool Pal Floatation Swimwear enhances stability and natural balance in the water. It is uniquely designed to allow your child to develop strong swimming skills while enjoying and having fun.

My Pool Pal Girls' Flotation Swimsuit, Pink Sunglasses, Extra Small

  • These floatation swimsuits promote coordination, endurance, confidence, and muscle development.
  • It is made of Nylon Lycra Spandex that offers natural anti-bacterial, quick-drying, SPF 50, and it is breathable.
  • It features a patented arrangement of foam blocks that are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certified and sewn securely into the middle part of the suits.
  • It comes with a multi-segmented hinged front & back foam design for extended wear.
  • It comes with non-removable foam inserts that improve and enhance stability and buoyancy while promoting a natural swimming experience.
  • Enhances natural balance & stability.
  • Made of Nylon & Lycra spandex blend.
  • UL Certified, non-removable foam blocks.
  • Pull-on closure.
  • Sizes run big; size chart isn’t accurate.
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3. Wowelife Baby Float Suit

Wowelife Baby Float Suit comes with armbands that are suited for 1 to 4 years old children to help them learn to swim faster and safer.

Wowelife Baby Float Suit with Arm Bands Toddler Floating Swimsuit with 8 Removable Buoyancy Sticks for Boys and Girls, 1-4 Years

  • It is made of high-quality materials that are thoroughly tested for quality and safety of your little one.
  • The swimsuit itself is made of 82% polyester fiber and 18% elastic fiber for better elasticity and comfortable wear.
  • It comes with 8 removable sticks which are made of environmental EVA material that is known for being non-toxic, doesn’t absorb water, and high resilience.
  • Aside from including armbands, it also comes with a free head cap that is suitable for swimming.
  • With these swimsuits from Wowelife, you can also use them as a cute bathing suit by removing the float sticks.
  • Includes armbands & head cap.
  • Made of 82% polyester fiber & 18% elastic fiber for more elasticity.
  • 8 removable sticks.
  • 2-way usage – as a floatation device and a cute bathing suit.
  • Stretches out when washed.
  • Sizes run big.
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4. Stohlquist Waterware Toddler Life Jacket

This life jacket is specially designed to keep your child safe while being comfortable at the same time.

Stohlquist Infant PFD Life Jacket - Yellow + Blue, 8-30 lbs - Coast Guard Approved Life Vest for Toddlers, Support Collar, Grab Handle, Fully Adjustable with Quick Release Buckle (Yellow/Blue)

  • It comes with fully adjustable straps and smooth front zipper that comes with security buckle ensuring a better fit.
  • It features a double collar that offers excellent mobility and comfort, supporting your baby’s head while in the water.
  • It comes with a zippered front for easy take on & off, comes with a front buckle for added safety, and an adjustable crotch strap.
  • It features a grab handle for fast retrieval when your child is swimming, and it can also be used for storing and drying.
  • All life jackets from Stohlquist Waterware are type II PFD (personal floatation device) with 7 lbs. and 6 oz. Sea-Level buoyancy.
  • Includes fully adjustable straps, front zipper, crotch strap, and security buckle.
  • Double collar feature.
  • Grab handle for drying, storage, and fast retrieval.
  • Type II PFD.
  • On the high price side.
  • Sizes run big.
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5. Salus Bijoux Baby Vest

Salus Bijoux Baby Vest is designed for babies with the weight of 9-25 lbs and the winner of CASB (Canadian Safe Boating Award) for Best New Safety Product.

Salus Bijoux Baby Vest - Red

  • It comes with an adjustable mesh & webbing harness system for added security, comfort, and venting.
  • It is styled in a 3-piece collar design with an additional floatation on both sides to cradle the head of your child in the center of the collar for comfort and security.
  • It features Dry-Lex Aerospacer liner for total breathability, drainage, comfort, and temperature control.
  • With this baby vest from Salus Bijoux, you can easily access it due to having 2 shoulder adjustment buckles.
  • It features an easy-to-reach lifting strap for easy and fast retrieval, storing, and draining.
  • Winner of CASB for best new safety product.
  • Dry-Lex Aerospaces liner feature.
  • Adjustable mesh & webbing system.
  • 3-piece collar design, lifting strap, and 2 shoulder adjustment buckles.
  • Not for an active baby.
  • You have to adjust it several times for proper fit.
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6. Zeraty Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket

All swim vest life jackets from Zeraty are approved by Europe ISET and will help your toddlers gain confidence in the water, allowing them to enjoy and have fun while learning and training how to swim well.

Zeraty Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket Flotation Swimming Aid for Toddlers with Adjustable Safety Strap Age 1-9 Years/22-50Lbs

  • It is made of soft, flexible neoprene for stretchability and premium softness to keep your child’s body warm and comfortable.
  • It features a double adjustable strap to keep it from sliding off and prevent your child from danger while swimming.
  • With its gender-neutral design, you can easily pick from attractive colors for optimal visibility and suitable for boys and girls.
  • With its built-in EPE polyethylene foam cotton and built-in 5 layers of thick cotton, you can ensure that your toddler is safe in the water.
  • This product is CE approved, meaning you can have a peace of mind when your child wears it while in the water.
  • Premium softness & stretchability.
  • Ergonomic design, safe & secured, super buoyancy.
  • Double adjustable strap for added safety.
  • CE Approved.
  • Way too big and wide.
  • Not durable handle strap.
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7. ESA Supplies Floating Swimsuits

ESA Supplies Floating Swimsuits are made of high elastic polyester fabrics that are quick to dry, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

ESA Supplies Floating Swimsuits for Kids Toddlers, Orange and Blue Color with Swimming Cap and Inflatable Arm Ring, Medium

  • It is styled in a one-piece swimsuit with 8 removable foam bars that enhance buoyancy.
  • This set comes with a free-swimming cap and an inflatable arm ring for added floatation.
  • It has a unisex design that is suitable for both toddler girls and boys – comes in a blended color of blue and orange with a small fishes design.
  • With these floating swimsuits from ESA Supplies, your child will be better prepared for structured swimming lessons, help them to develop their muscles, confidence, and coordination.
  • It features a back zipper for easy take on and off, and it will not be removed easily by your little one.
  • Made of high elastic polyester fabrics.
  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear.
  • Unisex design.
  • Includes 8 removable foam sticks and back zipper feature.
  • No other designs & prints available.
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8. Swimline Boy’s Floating Swim Trainer

This floating swim trainer from Swimline will keep your child safe while learning how to swim and enjoy the water. It is specially designed to look like today’s high-end suits without lacking safety features.

Swimline Blue Lycra Boy's Floating Swim Trainer Wet Suit Life Vest Small 9892B

  • It includes a unique foam structure that offers excellent buoyancy, making it perfect for swimming lessons, snorkel, and more.
  • It features a flexible cushion so that your little one will be comfortable while wearing it.
  • It comes with a back zipper so that you can comfortably wear to your child but safe enough to not remove it by your child alone.
  • It comes in a plain blue color with a touch of camouflage print on the sleeves and neck, making it perfect for every boy swimmer.
  • It is made of Lycra composition that is durable and stretchable enough to comply with your child’s movement.
  • Made of Lycra composition.
  • Unique foam structure.
  • Flexible cushion.
  • Back zipper.
  • Difficult to take off.
  • Bulky.
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9. Genwiss Swim Vest

This functional float vest for toddlers is an excellent tool for teaching swimming lessons and techniques for the beginner.

Baby Girl Swim Vest - Genwiss Toddler Swim Vest for Age 18 Months - 2 Years Baby Toddler Fit 20-28 lbs, Size Small, Pink

  • It comes with 8 removable soft-floating foams that are positioned inside pockets.
  • It includes a full-front zipper that provides a secure fit.
  • The sizing of this swim vest is based on your child’s age so that you can choose and know what is suitable for your little one.
  • Each swim vest from Genwiss features a lightweight design and snug fit.
  • It features a safety tab closure not to scratch your little one’s skin.
  • 8 removable soft-floating foams.
  • Full-front zipper for a secure fit.
  • Lightweight & snug fit.
  • Safety tab closure.
  • No adjustment settings or straps.
  • Foams can be easily removed.
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10. Gogokids Kids Swim Vest

Gogokids Swim Vest is a neoprene vest that provides enough buoyancy and warmth to help your child learn how to swim.

Gogokids Kids Swim Vest Folat Jacket - Boys Girls Floation Swimsuit Buoyancy Swimwear

  • This swim vest is CE Certified, meaning it can be used for boating.
  • It provides thermal & sun protection so that your child will be safe from harmful sun rays.
  • It comes with a convenient grab handle for easy retrieval, storage, drying.
  • It features quick-release buckles for easy take on and off, chest straps for added safety and security, and crotch strap to ensure a snug fit.
  • This swim vest offers 1 design for boy toddler and 1 design for girl toddler.
  • Enough buoyancy & warmth.
  • Convenient grab handle.
  • Quick-release buckles, chest straps & crotch strap.
  • It can cause skin allergy or chaffed skin due to the material used.
  • Sizes run small.
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BEST Floatation Device For Boy Toddlers
Our Pick

Out of all the 10 floatation devices listed above, our top pick is My Pool Pal Girls' Floatation Swimwear. It enhances natural balance & stability, made of nylon & Lycra spandex blend, features pull-on closure, and comes with non-removable foam blocks.

BEST Floatation Device For Girl Toddlers
Our Pick

As for boys, our top pick is the ESA Supplies Floating Swimsuits. It is made of high elastic polyester which is lightweight and comfortable, back zipper feature, and includes 8 removable foam sticks.

When buying or choosing the best floatation device for toddlers who are learning how to swim, you must choose something that comes with non-removable foams so that you can ensure the safety of your child.

Additionally, look for something that is certified by an organization that handles floatation devices to make sure it is safe for your little one.

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