10 Thickest Cloth Diapers For Adults

Thickest Cloth Diapers for Adults

Thickest Cloth Diapers For Adults: While some adults opt-out using disposable diapers, some people use cloth diapers to prevent rashes and other diaper discomforts. Cloth diapers are considered eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, so it is ideal to use for adults since their skin are sensitive just like babies.

Thickest Cloth Diapers For Adults
Our Pick

Our top recommendation for the thickest cloth diaper for adults is the Happy Endings Hook & Loop Closure Cloth Diaper. They have several cute and adorable prints; it is stain-resistant, waterproof PVC cover to make you feel dry and comfortable at all times.

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Why do I have to look for thickest cloth diapers?

Adults eat and drink often than babies. Therefore, they also release a large volume of liquids – which they cannot control that’s why they use diapers.

Here are the reasons why you need to look for thickest cloth diapers:

  • Using thick cloth diapers means you will have confidence that your pants will stay dry wherever you are.
  • The use of thick cloth diapers will save you up some cash compared to using regular disposable diapers.
  • Thick cloth diapers allow you to minimize diaper changing times.
  • By using thick cloth diapers, you can help reduce the landfill waste.
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Thickest Cloth Diaper for Adults


Rearz Omutsu Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper in Paid Teddy

Rearz Omutsu Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diapers are extremely thick & heavy duty – making it one of the most absorbent adults fitted diapers on the market.

Rearz - Omutsu Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper (Plaid - Teddy) (Large/X-Large)

  • It is made of incredibly soft flannel inside and out.
  • Rearz Omutsu Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diapers are specially designed for nighttime use and features a higher rise than typical cloth diapers.
  • Since this is designed for nighttime use, it is made with extra layers of protection for substantial to total incontinence.
  • This thick cloth diapers from Rearz can hold up to 6 cups of fluids – great for daytime & nighttime use with a booster.
  • It features velcro closures that ensure a snug and comfortable fit for all body types.
  • Covered with soft flannel inside & out.
  • Includes 8 total layers of absorbency.
  • Holds up to 6 cups of fluids.
  • Velcro closures.
  • Not waterproof.
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Rearz Super Snap Fitted Diaper

Rearz Super Snap Fitted Diaper is considered as one of the thickest and heavy-duty kinds of cloth diaper in the market today with high absorption capacity.

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  • It is made to the strict European Oeko-tex 100 standards and includes no harmful chemical residues in the finished products.
  • It can hold 5 to 7 cups of liquid that ensures maximum absorbency with 10-layer soaker sewn down the center.
  • Rearz Super Snap Fitted Diaper is designed for nighttime use – offering a proven 4-10-4 layering system and trimmed enough to use in the daytime.
  • These cloth diapers are flat at first, but after one wash, they quilt up into soft diapers.
  • Rearz Super Snap Fitter Diapers are stretchable so that adults will be comfortable while wearing it.
  • Holds 5 to 7 cups of liquid.
  • Features heavy-duty twill for durability.
  • Made with no harmful chemicals.
  • Maximum absorbency & stretchable.
  • Sizes run small.
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Rearz Omutsu Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper in Pink Sheep

These Rearz Omutsu cloth diapers are impressive when it comes to their thickness and absorbency level. In fact, it is one of the most absorbent cloth diapers in the marketplace.

Rearz - Omutsu Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper (Pink - Sheep) (Small/Medium)

  • When it comes to its padding, it includes 8 total layers of absorbency to avoid leakage.
  • The closure of these diapers is velcro – just snap it on for a comfortable & snug fit for all types of the body.
  • These cloth diapers are fully covered with soft flannel in & out.
  • Rearz Omutsu cloth diapers are designed for nighttime use – having the capacity to hold 6 cups of liquid.
  • It features a higher rise compared to typical and regular cloth diapers.
  • 8 total layers of absorbency.
  • 6 cups of liquid capacity.
  • Features higher rise & velcro closures.
  • Fully covered with soft flannel.
  • Not waterproof.
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Happy Endings Hook & Loop Closure Cloth Diaper

Happy Endings Hook & Loop cloth diapers are thick yet soft and feature microfleece in the inner lining as well as microfleece insert topper to keep your skin comfortable and dry.

HappyEndings Teen/Adult Hook and Loop Closure Stain Resistant Reusable Cloth Diaper for Incontinence'White'

  • This two-part diaper system includes soft, waterproof diaper shell and an absorbent stay-dry 5 layer microfiber pad, top layer microfleece that is stain resistant, and 4 absorbent microfiber layers.
  • It features adjustable rise settings to fit all body types and to feel comfortable while wearing them.
  • It also features velcro tabs for custom plus an extra velcro tab for a snug fit on smaller waists or bodies.
  • Happy Endings Hook & Loop cloth diaper includes laundry tab to protect the fabrics when washing.
  • This diaper is eco-friendly, reusable, durable, and features waterproof, breathable outer shell.
  • Features waterproof, breathable outer shell.
  • Adjustable rise settings.
  • Velcro tabs & laundry tabs.
  • Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic & reusable.
  • Wide variety of designs and colors.
  • A bit bulky.
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Super Undies Adult Reusable Cloth Diaper

With it’s delicate and enough thickness, this Super Undies Adult Reusable Cloth Diaper is designed for heavy incontinence.

Adult Reusable Cloth Diaper with Heavy Absorbency (Small, Snail)

  • It is contoured like real underwear so that you can wear it comfortably and take it off like real undies.
  • It contains 6 layers of cotton terry cloth absorbency on the inside that can hold 450ml of liquid or more.
  • This “like-underwear” cloth diaper is waterproof so that you can have peace of mind that your pants stay dry.
  • It features leak guarded legs and waist for total leak protection.
  • It features a pocket for added absorbency into the front part if needed.
  • Contoured like a real underwear.
  • 6 layers of cotton terry cloth absorbency.
  • Waterproof.
  • Features leak guarded legs and waist and pockets.
  • Sizes run small.
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Continuon Reusable Adult Diapers

This thick and super absorbent cloth diaper from Continuon ensures that you will be protected from leaks day and night.

Continuon Reusable Adult Diapers for Urinary Incontinence with Washable Bamboo Charcoal Absorbent Pad for Overnight Leakproof Protection for Men and Women, One Size Fits All (White)

  • It features a waterproof layer behind the pads that gives double protection without needing to worry about your bladder.
  • It comes in one size that features adjustable tab waist and elasticated legs providing you leakproof comfort.
  • Featuring bamboo charcoal pads that quickly locks in moisture for added leakage protection and worry-free odor control while stretchable, breathable, cloth-like material feels and looks like real underwear.
  • It is made of highest quality materials as well as smart designs to fit all adults with a high level of incontinence.
  • Continuon Reusable Adult Diapers are like soft cotton briefs that are gentle and discreet against the skin.
  • Waterproof outer cover.
  • Features adjustable tab waist, elastic legs, and bamboo charcoal pads.
  • Stretchable, breathable, soft, and odor control.
  • 2 plain color options only.
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Lukloy Men’s Adult Cloth Diapers

Lukloy Men’s Adult Cloth Diapers are thick enough to hold and accommodate a high level of incontinence without having to worry.

LukLoy Men's Adults Cloth Diapers for Incontinence Care Protective Underwear -Dual Opening Pocket Washable Adjustable Reusable Leakfree for Waist Large Size 65~135cm (Light Blue)

  • It is made of high-end polyester and elastic waterproof TUP film to ensure thickness and free from leaks.
  • Since this cloth diaper comes only in one size, it features snap tabs for easy adjustment according to the type of your body and waist.
  • It features a dual opening pocket for added leakage protection when needed.
  • Lukloy Men’s Adult Cloth Diaper can be washed using a washing machine and dryer-friendly so you can use it multiple times.
  • This men’s cloth diaper from Lukloy comes in 2 mainly colors – blue and gray.
  • Made of high-end polyester & elastic waterproof TUP film.
  • Snap tabs for adjustment.
  • Features dual opening pocket for added protection.
  • 2 color options available.
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Baby Pants Cotton Gauze PreFold Diaper

Baby pants Cotton Gauze PreFold Diaper uses materials that grow thickest as it shrinks without leaking.

Cotton Gauze PreFold Diaper 6x10x6 - XLarge

  • This gauze weave cotton cloth prefold diaper from Baby Pants are specially designed for adults with heavy incontinence and nighttime use.
  • Baby Pants Cotton Gauze Prefold Diaper soft yet absorbent and features a wet-zone that includes 10 layers of 100% gauze weave cotton.
  • These adult cloth diapers are easily folded to make a larger size, so make sure only to buy a size that fits your body & waist size.
  • This prefold diaper from Baby Pants gets softer each machine wash.
  • With this prefold diaper, you can adjust it easily depending on the fit that you are comfortable.
  • Made of gauze weave cotton cloth.
  • Soft, absorbent, and breathable.
  • Features 10 layers of 100% gauze weave cotton on the wet-zone.
  • White color option only.
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BumGenius Bigger Teen & Adult Pocket Cloth Diaper

BumGenuis Bigger Teen & adult Pocket Cloth Diaper is thick enough to accommodate waist size from 70 to 120 pounds.

bumGenius Bigger: Teen and Adult Pocket Cloth Diaper - Fits 70 to 120 Pounds (Mirror)

  • It is made with a super soft stay-dry lining that wicks moisture away from the skin.
  • It features a waterproof outer cover to prevent leaks.
  • It comes with durable plastic snaps for easy, snap-on adjustments.
  • BumGenius Bigger comes in one size only but features snap tabs for adjustments.
  • It features a stretchy waistband, and elastic leg gathers for comfortable wear.
  • Made super soft stay-dry lining.
  • Stretchy waistband & gentle leg gathers.
  • Snap tabs for adjustment & waterproof outer cover.
  • One size only.
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Rearz Adult Nighttime PreFold Cloth Diaper

Rearz Adult Nighttime PreFold Cloth Diaper offers enough thickness and absorbency for heavy incontinence, durability, and comfort at a fair price.

Rearz - Adult Nighttime Prefold Cloth Diaper (Medium) White

  • It is specially designed with a proven 4-10-4 layering system, ensuring that it is a great idea to use for nighttime.
  • It comes with no side seams for a super comfortable fit around the legs. These double-woven, twill weave, and cotton diapers from Rearz are made to last for hundreds of washes.
  • It is great for adults with sensitive skin since these are chlorine-free.
  • These diapers are flat when they’re new but will quilt up into a soft diaper.
  • It is soft, cottony-like, and gentle to provide comfort, breathability, and softness at the same time.
  • For nighttime use.
  • Ideal for adults with sensitive skin.
  • Soft, cottony-like, and gentle on skin.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • White color only.
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Thickest Adult Cloth Diapers
Our Pick

Our top pick is the Happy Endings Hook & Loop Closure Cloth Diaper. With its 5-layer stay-dry microfiber pad and waterproof outer cover, you will feel comfortable.

This cloth diaper is eco-friendly, meaning it is also hypoallergenic. If you want the thickest cloth diaper that you can freely adjust even if your body changes, this Happy Endings Hook & Loop Closure Cloth Diaper can be adjusted according to your body and waist!

When buying the thickest cloth diaper for adult, it is essential to consider that this cloth diaper includes a waterproof outer cover and absorbent inner lining so that you will be confident to move wherever you go, and it should be hypoallergenic and eco-friendly to avoid rashes on the skin.

Hopefully, we helped you pick the thickest adult cloth diaper in the market.

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