Understanding Leaky Bladder and Best Treatment Options

Overactive Bladder

Once Alfred Hitchcock once said: “The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder!“. Well the bladder can’t endure long enough for some people especially women after pregnancy or folks above 60 years can experience this issue.

Scientifically speaking there are different reasons that could cause leaky bladders:

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The accidental urine leakage happens when laughing, sneezing, coughing, lifting any heavy objects or having sex. This is very prevalent for women especially after pregnancy or childbirth where pelvic floor muscles become very weak. The stress is the foremost reason for this condition.

In some instances, the abnormal muscle spasm in the bladder could trigger the leakage.

Sometimes the folks with greater urgency might finish their urination quickly (i.e. not emptying the bladder fully) which could lead to frequent trips to the restrooms.

Leaky bladder could crop up if frequent constipation episodes or taking sleeping pills regularly. Older people with an inability to go to the restroom quickly at the right time could spill the urine and usually, this happens due to mental and physical difficulties. In rare cases, spinal cord injuries could lead to this condition.

You can read more about this here: 7 types of leaky bladders.

Leaky Bladder Exercises

Back in 1948, Dr. Arnold Kegel–the California gynecologist came up with a set of easy exercises for stress-related incontinence and hence the name ‘Kegel Exercises’:

  • Either sit or lie down before you do them
  • Remember to keep breathing, as this is crucial to the exercise
  • If you are doing them right, you’ll feel like your vagina is tightening and you’re pulling up your muscles.
  • Be sure to focus just on your pelvic floor muscles for this bladder control exercise. Your abs, butt, and thighs shouldn’t be flexed.

Credits: Bladder control exercises can help you gain control

Leaky Bladder Treatments

Dr. Ablove and Dr. Danforth, both University at Buffalo Medical School graduates who specialized in the treatment of female and male incontinence and other urinary issues. According to these doctors, a lot are dietary changes could help with this condition especially eliminating or reducing alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, and any acidic food. Also doing pelvic floor exercises, Kegel exercises, for both men and women, can be very helpful.
Credits: In the Field: Doctors help patients with incontinence issues – Buffalo News

The trouble with a leaky faucet is, it usually gets worse if you don’t fix the problem. But sometimes, the solution can be very simple, says Jennifer Skelly, St Joseph’s self-proclaimed queen of continence. 
Credits: Incontinence: controlling the flow – CHCH News

A simple medical mash material can provide a good relief to this problem. Check out this video:

A electrical muscle stimulator is another option for the leaky bladder:

If you’re experiencing accidental leaky bladder problem, it is the time to visit your doctor for a consultation for seeking treatment options.

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