Top 10 Best Men’s Incontinence Pads

best mens incontinence pads

Best Men’s Incontinence Pads: Incontinence is most common in older individuals, and it affects up to 13 million Americans[1] every year. It is caused by several factors such as neurological disorders, obstructions, enlarged prostate and sometimes dreaded capacity with aging.

Best Men’s Incontinence Pads (Depend Incontinence Guards for Men)
Best Choice

Our top pick for the best men's incontinence pad is the Depend Incontinence Guards for Men. Not only is this pad anatomically shaped to fit a man's body, but it is super absorbent and features an odor control guard.

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Although women grow up using pads, many men find the idea pretty distressing and weird. But incontinence pads are beneficial as they prevent skin irritation, control odor, and prevent leaking onto your clothes. You will just have to insert it into your underwear and hold it in place using an adhesive strip.

What to Look for?

There are many incontinence products in the market place. You should look for 3 important aspects:

  • Comfort: It is essential the incontinence pad you choose is very comfortable because you might wear it for an extended period. So ensure you select the pad that best suits your needs and lifestyle.
  • Secure Fit: It is equally crucial that the incontinence pad doesn’t move around during use and it fits securely. So ensure you look for a pad with a close fit. Typically, an anatomically shaped incontinence pad is the best for men suffering from incontinence. You can try using the pads with fixation pants if you have problems with the pad moving around.
  • Absorbent: A small pad would be grossly ineffective for those suffering from heavy incontinence. It is smart not to waste your money buying a small pad if you need a larger incontinence pad for heavy incontinence.

Our Favorite Men’s Incontinence Pads

Here are the top 10 best incontinence pads for men in the market today.

1. Depend Incontinence Guards for Men

Depend Incontinence Guards/Incontinence Pads for Men/Bladder Control Pads, Maximum Absorbency, 104 CountThe Depend Incontinence Guards are anatomically shaped to fit men’s lifestyle.

  • Not only are this pad flexible but they provide discreet, comfortable protection.
  • They are absorbent enough to contain larger wetness surges, and they offer cup-shaped protection that perfectly fits your boxer briefs.
  • The leak barriers and durable adhesive offer protection for active men.
  • Depend Incontinence Guards are fragrance, lotion, and latex free.
  • These incontinence pads are designed to help with odor control.
  • Cup-like shape for a close fit.
  • Comfort flex leak barriers.
  • Odor control.
  • High absorption capacity.
  • None. We like everything about this male incontinence pad.
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2. Solimo Incontinence Guards for Men

Amazon Brand - Solimo Incontinence Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency, 104 Count, 2 Packs of 52Solimo Incontinence Guards for Men helps to control temperature and moisture for a healthy, comfortable, and dry skin.

  • This mens pee pads feature a contour shape that fits comfortably to help provide discreet and confident protection.
  • Its breathable moisture barrier allows humidity, heat, and air to escape so your skin can breathe.
  • The cotton enhanced top sheet feels soft against the skin and helps wick away sweat.
  • Cotton enhanced top sheet.
  • Breathable moisture barrier.
  • Dri-Fit technology.
  • No odor control.
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3. Depends Shields for Men

Depend Incontinence/Bladder Control Shields, Pads for Men, Light Absorbency, 174 Count (3 Packs of 58)The Depends Shields for Men provides comfortable and discreet protection for men suffering from incontinence.

  • These underwear liners have light incontinence absorbency for dribbles and drips of wetness, making it perfect for those with mild incontinence.
  • These ultra-thin pads are also anatomically shaped to fit a man’s body.
  • The strong adhesive backing helps to lock the shield into your briefs or boxer briefs.
  • Just like the Depend Incontinence Guards, these are also fragrance, lotion, and latex free so they won’t irritate your skin.
  • This pad also provides worry-free odor control.
  • Perfect for dribbles and drips of wetness.
  • Ultra-thin.
  • Strong adhesive backing.
  • Odor control.
  • Not suitable for heavy incontinence.
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4. Tena for Men’s Guards

Tena for Men Guards, Case/120 (6 Bags of 20)Tena Men’s Guards are discreetly and individually wrapped, so they are easy to carry.

  • It is specially designed for males with light leakage, and it is very effective for post-prostate surgery urinary incontinence management.
  • It is a triangular shaped, and it provides coverage where it is most needed.
  • It comes with an adhesive strip that helps to securely hold the pad into place so it won’t slip out or shift out of place.
  • It is very discreet so you can easily conceal it under your underwear or regular clothing.
  • It is designed to absorb quickly, and it helps you to stay odor free.
  • Discreet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Strong adhesive strip.
  • Odor-free protection.
  • Not great for heavy incontinence.
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5. Tena 50600 For Men Moderate/Light Pads

TENA Men Absorbent Guard - Maximum Bladder Control Pad for Adults, Disposable, Dry-Fast Core, Leakage Protection, Odor Control, 8 in., 20 Count, 6 Packs, 120 TotalTena 50600 pad is designed specifically for males suffering from light to moderate incontinence.

  • This drip collectors for mild male incontinence features a contoured shape which makes it perfect for men’s body.
  • The anatomical design provides more considerable discretion and comfort.
  • It is also great for post-prostate surgery.
  • The OdaSorb Plus technology in this pad helps with odor control.
  • You can wear them with regular close-fitting underwear.
  • Odor control.
  • Innovative anatomical design.
  • Great for post-prostate surgery.
  • Not absorbent enough for heavy leakage.
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6. Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pad

Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pads, Overnight Protection, Promote Dryness and Protect Against Leakage, Soft Lining& Adhesive Strip for Secure Fit in Underwear, 16.9oz Capacity, 96ct CaseThe Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pad features three levels of absorbency (overnight, ultimate, and super) to meet different incontinence needs.

  • Its soft, cloth-like interior layer is very gentle against the skin.
  • It comes with an absorbent peach core that features super absorbent polymers which help with the inhibition of bacterial growth, urine pH neutralization, odor reduction, and skin dryness.
  • The two embossed channels help to direct fluid into the pad and away from your skin to promote dryness and protect the skin from wetness effects.
  • It features gentle elastics that form a cup shape to enable a secure fit.
  • The adhesive strip and moisture proof backing ensure a customizable fit.
  • Wide hourglass shape.
  • Flow-through design.
  • Absorbent peach may core.
  • Odor control.
  • A bit pricey.
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7. Prevail Light Absorbency Incontinence Pads

Prevail Light Absorbency Incontinence Bladder Control Pads, Regular, 180 CountThe Prevail Light Absorbency Incontinence Pads are body contoured and deliver maximum bladder leakage protection for a discreet and comfortable fit.

  • The full-length adhesive strip helps to keep the pad securely in place.
  • The cotton enhanced surface and quick wick technology help to wick wetness away from your skin quickly.
  • Not only does the Prevail Light Absorbency Incontinence Pads protect against leaks but they also help to contain odor.
  • The odor guard makes this incontinence pads for men ideal for both day and overnight protection.
  • These pads are 100% breathable, so they allow heat to escape and air to circulate for maximum comfort.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Odor control.
  • Breathable.
  • Not absorbent enough for heavy incontinence.
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8. Prevail Incontinence Male Guards

Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Male Guards, One Size, 104 CountThe Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Male Guards are perfect for those men suffering from heavy incontinence as they are super absorbent.

  • The contoured special cup ensures an excellent, natural fit, and comfortable leakage protection.
  • It features quick wick layers that help to pull moisture away from the skin, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry.
  • The adhesive strip helps to keep the pad securely in place while the flexible gathers provide side leakage protection.
  • These male incontinence pads also feature odor guard that helps to neutralize odors instantly.
  • The cotton enhanced top sheet provides a soft and comfortable fit.
  • Discreet fit.
  • Maximum absorbency.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Quick wick layer.
  • Odor control.
  • Pricey.
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9. Prevail Guards for Men

Prevail Guards for Men, Case/208 (4/52s)The Prevail Guards for Men features a contoured special cup that ensures a natural fit, excellent, and comfortable leakage protection.

  • It features a quick wick layer that helps to pull moisture away from the skin.
  • The soft gathers and adhesive strip offers leakage protection and security.
  • The Prevail Guards for Men is specially designed for light incontinence or leakage.
  • It helps to lock in moisture fast for healthier skin, odor control, and leakage protection.
  • Contoured special cup.
  • Discreet and comfortable.
  • Odor control.
  • Flexible gathers and adhesive strip.
  • Elastic sides might be rough and irritating for some.
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10. Depend Incontinence Guards for Men

Depend Incontinence Guards/Incontinence Pads for Men/Bladder Control Pads, Maximum Absorbency, 52 Count, Packaging May VaryThe Depend Incontinence Guards for Men is another product explicitly designed to provide maximum protection for men suffering from incontinence.

  • They are flexible, discreet, and offer comfortable protection.
  • They come with leak barriers and a strong adhesive strip that provides protection.
  • Maximum absorbency.
  • Comfortable and discreet.
  • Cup-shaped protection.
  • One size fits all.
  • The adhesive backing meant to hold the pad is inadequate for some.
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Choosing one of the best incontinence pads on this list can help you restore your confidence. They are usually less bulky, and you can purchase them online, so you have no excuse to shy away from protection.


  • [*] – Cover image is from wikimedia under the creative commons license.
  • [1] – “Facts about INCONTINENCE”. Accessed April 30, 2019. Link.
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  1. I have tried a variety of these tyes of products over six years stemming from a problem with a prostatectomy.

    I cannot agree with your first choice – Depends. I have found these to be VERY unrealiable and have experienced consistent problems.

    I also found through observation that the Wal-Mart generic took over of the Assurance brand where I saw no difference between that product and the Depends that I experienced the same poor quality. The Assurance brand prior to the takeover by WM was also superior to the Depends brand.

    I have found that the generic CVS product proved to be superior to Depends, the new Assurance and Tena to name a few. I would rate CVS above all.