How To Deal With Uncontrollable Bladder Effectively?

Uncontrollable Bladder

Uncontrollable bladder is nothing but inconsistent urination and this kind of trouble might arise in both men and women. An enlarged prostate can be the leading causes of this kind of urinary disorder and the reasons for the occurrence of this kind of health situation can be many.

A thorough diagnosis is required in this case so that the perfect cause can be effectively detected as a result of which the trouble can be properly handled. You must not avoid this problem otherwise that might even lead to dreadful health conditions especially prostate cancer.

My personal advice is to get through a thorough check-up so that hazardous consequences can be avoided. Some people are of this confusion that these issues occur only in aged fellows but I myself came across a guy who is only 21 years old and he has faced the same. Burning sensations and dribbling effects are often faced after urination.

So, if you are noticing these symptoms, then you must not ignore rather you need to rush to any expert health physician immediately for getting an accurate solution. Since it is kidney trouble, therefore, lots of water consumption is usually suggested by the consultants and you can also practice the same for getting great relief.

Some of the probable causes that I have recognized from the online research about inconsistent urination include bacterial infections, muscle weakness, sexual activity, cystitis, age, childbearing or pregnancy, overactive muscles of bladder, damage of urinary tract, kidney stones, enlarged prostate and other related ones.

Urinary infections are quite hazardous and thus you need to take special care of the same. You must take necessary steps before the infection spreads too far as that can damage your bladder to a great extent.

Different unwanted blockages of the urinary tract also need to be removed and for that thorough analysis is required. I suggest you observe the urination frequency along with the urine color in order to understand that what kind of problem you are actually facing.

The volume of urine is also sometimes considered as one of the leading factors in this regard as this kind of bladder trouble hits the urinary tract first as a result of which the urine volume can be adversely affected. Occasional leakage of urine is also a serious symptom in this regard which is sometimes accompanied by acute burning sensations and this sensation might be quite chronic in some cases.

You must follow the instructions of your health physician strictly in order to get the quickest recovery from uncontrollable bladder trouble. If the trouble is being detected in its initial stage, then you can get quicker recovery but if you ignore the symptoms initially, then you might face hazardous conditions.

It is your duty to protect your bladder, kidney and urinary tract from different damages so that you can lead a healthy life. Different kinds of useful medical tests need to be conducted in this regard and some of them are urinalysis, blood tests, ultrasound, cystoscopy, urodynamics, stress test and many more.

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  1. I’ve been through all sorts of tests done I began having serious problems with bed-wetting not long after being hammered by a pair of autoimmune diseases.
    I’ll list an end result of one of them as I believe this may at least be partially responsible. One of the highlights oh one of the diseases is joint inflammation/joint destruction. Well, in my particular case my lower spine, facet, sacroiliac joints and my coccyx took a massive beating. I was unable to stand or walk for over a year, then working with Dr’s @ rehab I was able to begin using a walker.
    Back to my reasons for writing.

    I was never given a definitive answer as far as what’s wrong that causes “the floodgates to open on me” 95% of the time I fall asleep.
    I was told I have nerve damage in my spine. I was told I have very low bladder capacity. I get sudden, lately harder & harder to control urges and I really NEED to be close to a bathroom when that strikes or else it is whip it out where I stand or go in my pants. I got used to needing diapers with a booster at night. Man I am way too dam young to be needing to be in diapers all of the time (47, got sick @ 33)!!!
    I do see a myriad of Dr’s on a very regular basis except a urologist as there are 2 in the area and I don’t really care for either.
    Neither has ever seemed to really listen to me or take me very seriously. They’re also the “Holier Than Though “ type personality… you know the kind… you’re beneath them, and they seem to want you to understand that!!!