Dangers of Cloth Diaper Covers

Dangers of Cloth Diaper Covers

Cloth diaper covers are waterproofs-made to keep the babies dry. It is used with a fitted diaper. It comes with three to four classifications like pre-folds. Most of the pre-folds are made by Chinese and are used by many moms due to its flexibilities when it comes to sizes adjustable wraps.

There are at least three types of cloth diaper covers: wool, fiber, and organic.

Cloth Diaper CoversIt is important to buy a pre-folded cloth diapers with antibacterial feature in order to safeguard your child from having side effects, skin irritation, and skin diseases.

It must be easy to wash cloth. To these criteria, it is best to have wool fabric because the air can pass through and keep the temperature low. Because the flow of air comes in and out freely, you get another benefit and that is keeping the odor away.

An odor when kept inside diapers, invites parasites and germs that can harm the skin of babies. In most cases, moms and dads just get cloth diaper covers in terms of their prices, appeal, and functionality. While this is good criteria, one should keep in mind that wool, not cotton seems to be the best option for this type of cloth diaper. You have soakers, wraps, shorts, and longies. They are made manually by hand.

Organic cloth diaper covers are environment-friendly products for babies. They are washable, cheap, and with waterproof wraps. Babies are prone to accident. They eat everything they get to hold on to and there are reports of accidents using diapers. Organic diapers will eliminate your worries.

Nowadays, there are products that are lead-free content. This is a highly toxic metal that is soft with Pb symbol. It poisons the blood, the nervous system, and causes the brain to have disorders that slow body functions and academic performance.

The ability to think is dramatically lowered and may result in poor grades. That is why you need to be conscious about the credibility of the maker of products you buy because your baby’s prolonged exposure to it may cause you more damages than benefits.

Your baby’s cloth diaper cover should also be free from phthalate. This is a chemical usually used for plastics, cosmetics for women, paints, and perfumes or scented chemicals. They are known to cause kidneys and liver failures.

I’m sure you do not want your baby to suffer from these chemicals and compound elements. Cloth diaper cover must not have BPA. This is a chemical used for epoxy, plastics, dental fillers, and can cause blood-related problems as well as abnormalities in the central nervous system.

In conclusion, while there are so many options to have cloth diaper covers, it is best that you buy only from trusted manufacturers to avoid many health problems in using them. Their negative health effects are gradual and often permanent.

You can choose from pre-fold and wool cloth diaper cover with environment-friendly and easy to use features. The best one should integrate all three features of safety, functionality, price, and green.

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