Diaper Rashes Treatment Options

Diaper Rashes Treatment

Babies have sensitive skin. It is important to protect the skin of babies. The use of diapers, whether it be either washable or disposable, should be handled carefully so that babies will always be comfortable. If this is not properly handled, it will eventually cause diaper rash that will cause pain and distress to babies. What is a diaper rash and how to effectively treat it?

Diaper rash is a skin rash found around the diaper area that causes redness and irritation. There are several kinds of diaper rash. These determined by the cause, symptoms, and appearance of the skin rash. Here are the different kinds of categories of diaper rashes: Friction rash which is caused by the elastic part of the diaper and is found in the inner thigh. Irritation rash is caused by urine, soaps and other chemicals used that have direct contact of the skin and is found on the buttocks.

The allergic rash is the redness can be seen on the buttocks too. Seborrhea rash is found in the skin folds and is greasy looking. Intertrigo rash is caused by the constant exposure to moisture and heat. This is the most common type of diaper rash.

Diaper Rash Treatment Creams

There are several diaper rash treatments that can be used depending on the kind of rash. The most effective treatment is to stop the use of diapers. Since this is not actually possible, give the diaper area ample time to breathe. You should have a regular time and interval to keep diapers off. Before putting the diapers on, you have to wash the diaper area properly and dry it thoroughly.

It is also important to consider that the diaper should be washed properly to prevent infection and contamination of the diaper area. Avoid using additional chemicals like softeners when washing the cloth diapers as it might worsen the condition of the affected area. If your baby is using disposable diapers, change it frequently and make sure that you clean and dry the diaper area regularly before putting on the new disposable diaper. Do not re-use soiled or used a disposable diaper.

Treat the diaper rash early before it gets worse. Aside from the traditional treatment of diaper rash, there are now alternative treatments available in the market. Various moisture absorbing powders such as talcum and starch is being used to treat diaper rash. However, it is best to use this moisture absorbing powders as prevention. There also creams such as petroleum jelly or barrier creams that are used to treat diaper rashes.

For bad cases of diaper rash, antifungal or hydrocortisone should be used to fight off infection and contamination of the diaper area and prevent the spread of the skin rash outside the diaper area.

Please be reminded that skin diaper rashes that begin to worsen should be consulted to a doctor. At the onset of a diaper rash, it is best to seek medical advice before deciding the treatment to be used for the skin rash problem. Always remember that prevention is much wiser than the treatment of any sickness.

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